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Orell Fussli and Swisscom are partners in identity-related projects

Swisscom today announced that it is working with Orell Fussli in order to promote the use legally-binding digital certificates using blockchain. Orell Fussli, a Swiss publisher of books, is also known for printing banknotes.

Its subsidiary Procivis provides digital identity solutions to government agencies. Zug uses its eID+ technology, for example. The widespread use of covid certificates, which sometimes include blockchain technology has made blockchain and the notion of self-sovereign identification (SSI), more popular. They plan to release the first smartphone application in 12 months. The two companies have developed the solutions together. Digital certificates include verification of age, identification and digital signatures. Digital certificates can be forged-proof.

Swisscom Blockchain used to be a steward for the Sovrin Blockchain, an SSI initiative. It no longer has an active role. Swisscom stated that the two companies would decide jointly on which technologies they will use to comply with SSI principles. Swisscom wants to be a host for SSI nodes. Urs Schaeppi CEO of Swisscom said that digital certificates are the next step in simplifying the process for both individuals and companies. The referendum system in Switzerland, which gives citizens a greater say than any other country’s regulatory agenda is well-known. The government has given it another chance and released a September discussion paper, suggesting a self-governing identity approach. Adresta, which created a digital identity system for watches, also shares a close relationship. \[…]