IPFS in Brave – Native Access to the Distributed Web

We are excited to share that IPFS is currently natively sustained in the Brave internet browser. When Brave spots an address which is an HTTP portal URL to IPFS material, or an indigenous IPFS address such, it will prompt the customer to mount as well as allow the native IPFS node, or to use an HTTP portal […]


Announcement: Pro-bono initiative to support populations affected by the war in UkraineïżŒ

In the current uncertain climate of war, for which the Ukrainian population is paying a heavy price, we want to bring our support at our level to any initiative allowing to help all those who are impacted directly and on the front line in this conflict. We are therefore launching our pro-bono support initiative now on all subjects related to aid to the populations, institutions and organizations on the front line directly impacted by this conflict.

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