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How Blockchain can help plastic recycling?

Incorrect waste management for a long period has led to plastics that won’t break down in landfill sites and oceans. This is causing a negative impact on the marine environment. The climate crisis is a result of excessive waste in our oceans and landfills. These pollutants can lead to suffocation and entanglement of wildlife, as well as ingestion of harmful chemicals. It can also cause harm to our health. Plastic is now a significant source of pollution to our food, oceans and land. Plastic that is thrown away won’t break down, which most people are unaware of. Plastic waste will end up in landfills, eventually contaminating the environment and causing harm to wildlife and sea life, without any accurate picture of the plastic waste situation in any given country.

Plastiks, a startup that uses blockchain to create a global recycling platform for plastic waste is green. This platform can make it simpler to recycle plastic. We will be able to track the whereabouts of our material and ensure it is being properly recycled. It would help reduce plastic pollution and protect the environment. This platform is simple and smartly manufactured by the company to collect plastic waste, remove contaminants and then reshape it. To show that they are dedicated to the environment, artists and businesses can create profiles to join the platform. Plastiks has created a network of recyclers based on the Valora app. This platform handles all aspects of recycling, including sourcing, sorting, recycling, and reshaping.

The oceans are plagued by plastic waste. It is difficult to track the source of the problem. IBM and The Plastic Bank have teamed up to help ocean plastic be monetized and to create an IBM Cloud and a Blockchain-based app to end this problem. You can get rewards for recycling. The Plastic Bank has already contributed more than 2 billion bottles to recycling. This initiative provides an incentive to people to reuse plastic instead of throwing them away. The new system shows how blockchain technology can make an impact on the world.

Is recycling the way to go? We can reduce the plastic waste on our planet if more people recycle. It is possible to reuse plastic over and again so encourage recycling. Our actions can reduce the pollution we create and help preserve the planet for the future.