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GameStop is a specifying moment for DeFi

Pitchforks in the streets
What happened: the cost of GME escalated as tiny traders from r/WallStreetBets pumped the gaming seller’s stock to a market cap of nearly $28 billion. Whatever the situation may be, the tale is the excellent advert for DeFi because it highlighted 2 things: 1) the tradition economic system is damaged. Complying with the incident, the DeFi market soared regardless of stagnation in the rate of bitcoin for most of the week. While this could be a gold minute for DeFi, Ethereum and several of the dApps that rely upon it are not prepared to onboard every disgruntled Robinhood customer. GLITCH is developed particularly for DeFi and also will certainly aid to make it possible for millions of users to access dApps without compromising the top quality of its individual experience. The GLITCH protocol aims to take some of the tons off Ethereum by offering high purchase throughput, near-zero deal costs, and a revenue-sharing model that rewards network supporters, dApp designers, as well as end-users. […]