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ESGI & Blooo.io deliver blockchain Master’s graduates

ESGI and Blooo.io sign a strategic partnership allowing the 1st French Master dedicated to Blockchain to offer an agnostic program adapted to the needs of the market on this innovative technology.

ESGI a prestigious computer science school offering 9 work-study programs with diplomas recognized by the state in Bachelor cycle and Master cycle, seeks to increase the influence and reputation of its Blockchain focused program by forming a partnership with Blooo.io, a French consulting and solution development studio helping companies wishing to benefit from the potential of Blockchain technologies (or DLT for Distributed Ledger Technologies).

This partnership aims to provide ESGI with a comprehensive and technology agnostic pedagogy, a recruitment pool for specialized partners and 1400 hours of valuable annual training inspired from the needs of the business world, and especially from major industrial actors.

Thanks to its solid experience in training, ideation, and strategy consulting around Blockchain technologies, its multiindustry skills and technologically agnostics, Blooo.io brings the expertise and know-how necessary to ESGI for meet market expectations, offering technical and business courses making the link between use cases and the business value created. The objective for Blooo.io is to step in as soon as possible in the professionalization of future talents, allowing them to be prepared and autonomous as soon as they graduate from the school and be the best ambassadors of this fast growing technology.

Since the beginning of their collaboration, students in the Blockchain program have been able to benefit from educational content dedicated to the framing and management of industrial Blockchain projects, but also from the intervention of major names from the Blockchain industry (R3, Octo Technology, Rockside.io, BTU Protocol, Arianee, and surprises are planned for the second half of the year), to develop their skills on major market protocols (Bitcoin, Tezos, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda, Quorum).

The program has been invited to events such as the Blockchain seminar of the City of Paris, specific conferences with EDF, ENGIE or Enedis, or ETHCC, a global event carried out by the Ethereum community, and will host a Hackathon in its premises.

The synergies that naturally result from these collaborations with the blockchain professional ecosystem (industrials, service providers, publishers, research, local authorities, institutions, regulators) will contribute to the recognition of the Blockchain stream and the final diploma.

About ESGI
ESGI is a prestigious computer science school in Paris offering 9 work-study programs with diplomas recognized by the state in Bachelor Cycle (level 2 diplomas) and Master Cycle (level 1 diplomas), and the first school to propose a Master’s degree program 100% dedicated to Blockchain.
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About Blooo.io
Blooo supports large industry corporations and ecosystems who wish to anticipate and be a player in the technological revolution offered by Blockchain technology, combining industrial expertise, a mastery of innovation methods and delivery industrialization, and references in major industrial groups.

For any question you may have, please contact blockchain@esgi.fr or contact@blooo.io

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