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SmartLedger and Rick Dutchcousin announce entertainment blockchain education initiative

This initiative will empower content creators to create new revenue streams, engage directly with fans and protect their intellectual property.

SmartLedger – Rick Dutch Cousin, the leading global blockchain distribution channel and prolific writer, composer and producer announced today a new initiative that aims to educate and empower artists, musicians and content creators on the benefits of scalable blockchain content distribution, micropayments and data ownership. Rick Dutch Cousin is a prolific composer, producer, and musician who has worked with many entertainers including Michael Jackson and Ice Cube. Dutch is one of the most sought-after and talented creators within the entertainment and music industries, with over 30 million albums sold.

Publishers and content creators have faced a host of challenges, friction and lack of transparency over the years. These problems can be mitigated by Blockchain, which provides a single source of truth and opens up new revenue streams. Blockchain allows content creators and influencers to re-invent their brands as they are the boss of the brand rather than being sold by a third party platform.

Rick Dutch Cousin: « Blockchain gives users the freedom to control their content and make it available to the platforms that offer the greatest benefit to them. » It is a stark contrast to the current social media platforms, which own users’ data and can censor their followers without notice.

Shawn Ryan, SmartLedger CEO, stated that blockchain functions as a globally distributed, secure ledger. Participants can store, distribute and monetise content via microtransactions. Blockchain is poised for global connectivity with brands and new media by providing transparent, real-time and traceable usage-based pricing mechanisms. Creators love the steady stream of income that is possible through frictionless micropayments and monetisation of their content.

Rick Dutch Cousin said that content creators and influencers can now use scalable blockchain technology to re-invent their brands as they are the company’s CEO, not the product of third-party platforms. Dutch continued, « It is my goal to help educate current and upcoming artists on how they can apply this technology to their careers, take full ownership of their brands and intellectual property, increase revenue streams, and enable direct fan engagement. »

SmartLedger is supporting this initiative with information and access to their expertise as developers and subject experts in utility-based Blockchain solutions. Dutch stated that SmartLedger, as an enterprise-level blockchain distribution channel is able connect with and create innovative solutions like TicketMint. Their recent announcements to partner with IBM and Gray Wolf Analytics are a sign of their willingness to work with industry leaders.

Greg Ward, Chief Development Officer at SmartLedger and a professional songwriter and musician, said that it was exciting to help artists take control of their careers and share the disruptive potential of blockchain technology. « Rick is already making an enormous difference with this initiative, providing education for musicians and celebrities about everything from NFTS, Digital Rights Management, » he added. Those interested in learning more about the initiative are encouraged to visit: [https://rickdutchcousin.com|https://rickdutchcousin.com/] where future information on workshops, outreach, and engagements will be announced.