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How to support women’s economic empowerment with Blockchain?

Oxfam in Vanuatu utilizes #blockchain innovation to alleviate the dangers of gender-based physical violence and also strengthen women’s economic empowerment.

A brand-new study created for the Grand Bargain Gender as well as Cash Sub-Workstream highlights Oxfam’s UnBlocked Cash job as an instance of just how to successfully integrate gender equality and gender-based physical violence threat mitigation in Cash as well as Voucher Assistance. The blockchain-based settlement system used in the UnBlocked Cash job by Oxfam and also their humanitarian partners operating in Vanuatu seeks to deal with the risks of gender-based violence that may occur as a result of cash and also voucher aid (which would mostly be threats taking place due to existing gender duties). The job intends to record females’s economic empowerment by targeting ladies as main receivers of cash money support with an overall of 54% female recipients in the programme. Designing to mitigate the dangers of gender-based violence as a result of financial stress
For the women of Vanuatu, the combined disasters of Tropical Cyclone Harold in April 2020 and also the economic effects of COVID-19 only increased the necessity of economic assistance and also empowerment as their job opportunity reduced as well as the threats of physical violence enhanced. For this project, Oxfam involved a thorough awareness-raising approach to raise area members’ awareness of targeting top priorities, to raise male assistance of females as primary receivers, and also ultimately to alleviate the threats of gender-based violence. […]