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France will allow citizens to create digital ID using a physical eID card and NFC smartphone

French citizens can now create and store digital certificates of identification in a mobile application by scanning their Carte Nationale d’Identite Electronique eID card (CNIE).

According to the French government’s digital identity program, the Digital Identify Guarantee Service application (SGIN), « will allow one to use digitally the civil status data from the card to verify one’s identity and have access to designated uses including in the real world. » The digital ID, which will allow users to connect to over 900 online service providers, including public and private, via FranceConnect, can be sent certified electronic copies to their identity cards, prove their age, and permit a third party to pick up packages for them.

Last week, the French President Emmanuel Macron authorized the official launch of SGIN’s digital ID service. The decree says that the Minister of Interior (General Secretariat), and National Agency for Secure Documentss (ANTS) have been jointly authorized to execute an automated processing personal data known as Digital Identity Guarantee Service. The decree states that this is done to give holders of national ID cards with the electronic component a way to identify themselves, authenticate with private or public organisations and use an app they have installed on their electronic communication terminals. This application allows contactless reading of the component. The application allows users to create electronic certificates that only contain the attributes he chooses to send to third parties. At launch only NFC CNIE card issued after August 2021 will work, but passports and resident permits will also be compatible « at the beginning of 2022 ».