Conflict is a result of Ghana’s land-acquisition process. Blockchain is a possible solution

To make it more transparent and to prevent tampering with transaction records, the framework incorporates blockchain technology in the purchase and sale of stool lands Ghana. These problems could be solved by a blockchain-enabled land registry. Land sales and purchases would go online instead of offline. The first step of land acquisition is where the buyer, or purported owner of the land might start the process of buying or selling the land via the blockchain-enabled online land acquisition platform. To begin the title or deed registration process, the buyer might use the allocation note as proof that the transfer, purchase, or sale occurred. […]


Announcement: Pro-bono initiative to support populations affected by the war in UkraineïżŒ

In the current uncertain climate of war, for which the Ukrainian population is paying a heavy price, we want to bring our support at our level to any initiative allowing to help all those who are impacted directly and on the front line in this conflict. We are therefore launching our pro-bono support initiative now on all subjects related to aid to the populations, institutions and organizations on the front line directly impacted by this conflict.

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